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The Tejas Chronicles

American Aetheists in Film

American Aetheists in Film

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Hat, Sarong
Judy was a daughter of Godlessness...Bob was a son of the Gospel...Intolerance versus Intolerance.
--Intertitle for the Godless Girl

This movie was one of the hottest films I have ever seen. So first off it was amazing. Last year I also saw a film that became one of my favorites called "Girl with the Hat Box". That one was this hilarious Russian slapstick.

"The Godless Girl" is a Cecil B. DeMille flick and based on this one films of his, I think I am a fan. Probably not in the way he was meaning, but there really were some amazing shots (like the cut away of the school house riot) that were chaotic and gorgeous.

Here is why the movie was so sexy though other than all of the actresses being cute to hot. Most of it took place in a "Reform School" which was essentially a prison. One side was boys and the other side was girls.

One of my favorite (read hedonisticly satisfying) is when the godless girl Judy is being inducted into the prison and they forcibly cut her hair. Now, her hair already only barely touched her ear lobes. The funny part of the story is hat at first she doesn't appear to know what is going on and sits down and asks Mame, the hair dresser, to style it a particular way. Mame proceeds to cut just a huge part off of the top and Judy's face drops. At the end of the ensuing physical struggle Judy has this wild and unplanned, unorganized hair. It is like some black mountain range jetting out in any direction the wind has shaped the rock. Judy becomes an untouchable Daphne, at least until her hair grows back out some.

It should be noted that the uniforms are amazingly sexy.

The audience itself was amazing. They would boo and hiss or laugh at every intolerant Chirstian thing the Bob character said and they would cheer whenever anyone from the Junior Atheist club did something heroic.

The movie was simply epic and you should really see it.

Philosophically, even though the movie was made with a Christian tone, the Atheists were only anti-Christian. Now this is very interesting because all devout Atheists that I know or know of that actively espouse and proselytize their beliefs are essentially anti-Christian and never or rarely seem to address other theistic belief systems that to me personally make more sense. So as not to name friends, Penn Jillete is one of these. Now you can say we are in America so it is the topical group to fight against. But as a coherent philosophy, this is really only saying their is no Christian god. Now before I get off track an go on a logic using rant about the things that bother me about the modern Atheist movement, I'll make my point. Most of the time I think Atheist project themselves exclusively (or nearly so) as anti-Christians, where as in "the Godless Girl" a Christian was portraying them as anti-Christian.

We should all get together and see it at some point. Ryan really like it too.
And here I go off on a movies again..
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